Who we are

The Ujwal Thapa Foundation is a non-partisan initiative to keep Ujwal’s legacy alive. It is a platform to give continuity to his efforts in various sectors in an effort to build empowered, empathetic, and entrepreneurial societies. Established in Ujwal’s memory, the foundation strives to practice the values that he embodied.


Empowered, empathetic and entrepreneurial societies.


To motivate and enhance human capacity for policy making, leadership development, and movement strengthening to attain collaborative, sustainable, and rapid social transformation in Nepal.

Our goals and objectives are:

  1. Facilitate leadership development
    • Develop leadership training programs oriented towards ethics, excellence, contribution, and spirituality.
    • Conduct training, workshops, and seminars, for existing and potential leaders.
    • Strengthen the capacity of individuals from various fields at local, national and international level.
    • Build cooperation and networks with various national and international universities, and governmental, non-governmental and private organizations.
    • Implement overall leadership development and mentoring efforts
  2. Contribute to local, national and international policy making
    • Contribute in developing Nepal as a “Guru Nation” in the world through progressive, entrepreneurial, and just social development
    • Study and research the principles, policies and possible policies
    • Conduct participatory, inclusive, and evidence and logic-based analyses of existing policies and disseminate findings and recommendations
    • Hold debates and dialogues on relevant issues and strive to establish their findings and recommendations nationally and internationally
    • Promote peace and mid-path philosophy while establishing Lumbini as the center of ideological dialogues
  3. Engage in social campaigns
    • Raise awareness in the society and conduct social empowerment programs
    • Inspire individuals to become value-based Bibeksheel citizens with common sense and wisdom
    • Support the society to become entrepreneurial
    • Encourage the nation to serve the interest of people through good governance
    • Motivate participate from all concerned in developing Nepal as an excellent “Guru Nation”
    • Support various innovative experiments for social transformation
    • Support and assist campaigns for social justice and the benefit of the broader society
  4. Build a just and “Guru Nation”
    • Play a facilitating role in the establishment of social justice, inclusion, meaningful participation and rule of law
    • Protect and promote the environment
    • Provide assistance for the prevention of natural disasters and humanitarian crises and post-disaster relief and reconstruction
    • Encourage the discovery and use of indigenous knowledge
    • Advocate for the rights and justice of women, children, persons with disabilities and marginalized groups through various campaigns and programs
  5. Promote entrepreneurship
    • Ease the establishment of entrepreneurship as the backbone of the country’s economy
    • Conduct entrepreneurship-related programs and connect them with social life
    • Facilitate the capacity development of enterprising individuals and organizations; Invest in or create an enabling environment for investing in projects with potential
    • Increase financial knowledge, conduct supportive training, and support the creation of an conducive environment for sustained livelihood
  6. Work in areas of environmental concerns
    • Present a financial vision for sustainable development that is centered around environmental issues
    • Assist and support environment-related study and research
    • Localize and implement the best global environmental practices
    • Assist and support environment-related campaigns
    • Advocate and lobby for environment-related policy reforms
  7. Support initiatives in education, health, agriculture, information technology and other sectors
    • Conduct activities to ensure equal access of all citizens across the sectors
    • Lobby and campaign for radical improvement in the above sectors.
    • Support good governance practices through the use of information and technology
    • Create a platform of cooperation among the stakeholders to facilitate the ease of access to technology
    • Conduct research and programs to broaden the field of information technology and make it more useful

The foundation will work toward the above goals and objectives with a special focus on the needs and interests of women, children, youth, persons with disabilities, and marginalized communities.