Foundations’ Beginning

Even though Ujwal Thapa passed away too early, he had impacted the lives of many in a short time. Ujwal was more than just a human body, he is a recurring idea, an action that keeps nudging, and a departure point for civic leadership for the journey of collective progress.

The path Ujwal chose, his socio-economic contribution, and political campaign are all alive and we and our society need them. Maybe that is why, family, friends and well-wishers who have been inspired by him, participated in multiple discussions that resulted in the decision to give continuity to Ujwal’s journey of social transformation. And, a need for a foundation to implement that decision was felt.

Continuing Ujwal’s belief in participation, recommendations from four discussions (two in-person and two virtual) and multiple discussions with people from Nepal and around the world informed our effort to keep Ujwal’s socio-economic and political legacy alive and build on his multi-dimensional contributions through the Foundation. Accordingly, Ujwal Thapa Foundation has been established as a non-profit company under the Companies Act, 2006 through an effort of his family, friends, and associates.

We believe that this foundation will always inspire citizens to build a bibeksheel society, just like Ujwal did.